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Call us Today: (626) 425-1960
Call us Today: (626) 425-1960

Commercial Solar

Investment in commercial solar panels is expensive for any business or agency. So, you need to protect the performance and longevity of your panels in order to reap the return on your investment.

We have trained solar panel technicians with the knowledge and tools to professionally clean your solar panels safely and effectively. Whether you have a solar carport system, flat rooftop system, slanted rooftop system, ground-mounted system, tracker system or utility-scale system, we have experience cleaning your type of solar panels.

We remove these types of debris:

  • Dust Dirt
  • Tree Pollen
  • Bird Droppings
  • Freeway Soot
  • Fire Ash
  • Growth Under the Panels

Increase your solar panel efficiency by 20% to 40% by keeping them clean! We offer one time or recurring solar panel cleaning packages.
We Use Deionized Water – Microfiber Cloths – No Wasted Water
We Cover all of Southern California

Maintaining Efficiency

Maintaining optimum efficiency of your solar panels is the only way to meet your target ROI time frame. So, regular solar panel cleaning is important in order to achieve this.

Our cleaning process includes the following:

  • Professionally cleaning your solar panels
  • Inspection of the glass for cracking or damage
  • Inspection of the panel framework for damage, warping or corrosion
  • Inspection of mounting hardware to make sure it is intact

We have a completely environmentally-friendly process with the use of green products only.

Maintenance Programs

Our commercial clients typically want a maintenance program to ensure optimum efficiency of their solar panels. Certain conditions can affect how dirty your solar panels get:

  • Windy Conditions
  • Sand and Loose Dirt in Your Area
  • Pollen Producing Trees Nearby
  • Number of Birds That Fly By
  • Proximity to the Freeway
  • Flight patterns overhead

Depending on your conditions, we tailor a maintenance program to your needs. Whether it is every quarter, twice a year or just once a year, we will be there to take care of your solar panels.



Cleaning commercial solar panels can be challenging, regardless of what type of system you have. The safety of the person doing the cleaning, as well as the safety of your solar panels are at stake.

Our trained solar panel technicians have years of experience cleaning solar panels safely and effectively.

  • Assess your project – We determine any safety issues, the condition of your panels, and the best method for cleaning them.
  • Discuss our recommendations – We discuss our cleaning recommendations with you based on our assessment, how much it will cost, and when the work can be done.
  • Arrange for equipment and supplies – Tanks, deionized water, cleaning equipment and staff.
  • Clean and restore your solar panels – We clean your solar panels and leave your site tidy and clean.
  • Discuss a maintenance program – We discuss a maintenance program once you have seen the quality of our work.

Save Money

We have trained solar panel technicians with the knowledge and tools to professionally Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem accusantium doloremque laudantium, totam rem aperiam

Who you choose to clean your commercial solar panels is very important.

There is a risk of damage, scratching or inadequately cleaning your solar panels if you don’t use an experienced and reputable company. And ultimately, your warranty can be effected.

Working with the professionals at Hands On Services provides you with the following benefits:

  • Experience – We have years of experience cleaning solar panels safely and effectively.
  • Company Insured – We carry all of the appropriate insurances to give you the peace of mind that we will do your job the right.
  • Family-Owned – We are committed and dedicated to our common goal of providing you with the best service possible.


Renee and Richard arrived on time and began work immediately. They were able to produce an outline of the project they were going to complete. There were intermediary check ups so I would be pleased with the progress of the work. Their rates were fair. Their attitude extremely professional and friendly. I can see myself hiring this firm again for future projects.

Mathew B.

They did a phenomenal job cleaning our solar panels on our office building. We have noticed a major difference in the efficiency of our panels since getting them cleaned. Awesome job!

Hannah B.
Marketing Manager

We were struggling with the efficiency of our panels. We decided to get them cleaned to see if that helped and wow did it. Renee and the crew came and cleaned their butts off, and now they are working better than ever.


HandsOn is the bomb. They do an amazing cleaning job and the best part is, they don't charge you a bunch of money to do it. Their pricing is very fair and they are super efficient.

Hannah B.

We’re Here to Help

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