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Call us Today: (626) 425-1960
Call us Today: (626) 425-1960

Senior Downsizing Services

As seniors approach their golden years, their home needs change. They may look to move closer to family, reduce the size of their living space or minimize expenses as they transition to a fixed income. Or, they may need help organizing and cleaning their existing home to make life safer and easier.

This process can be difficult and painful both for seniors and their loved ones. Saying goodbye to a home filled with memories and/or departing with treasured possessions can be emotionally and physically draining, especially for those that have physical limitations or medical issues.

Our Compassionate and Professional Staff  can help you:

  • Identify and Pack Treasured Possessions for Relocation
  • Identify and Separate Furniture for Relocation
  • Identify and Separate Items For Sale
  • Identify, Pack and Transport Items For Donation
  • Identify and Transport Remaining Items For Disposal

A study published by researchers at the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College found older folks who had moved as part of a retirement plan were happier than those who stayed put.

Organization Services

Organization becomes more important as seniors age because it gives them the ability to control the day-to-day occurrences of their life. Their most used items – food, medications, and cleaning products – need to be easily accessible. This is especially true when physical limitations come into play, such as vision impairment and arthritis.

A well-organized household makes life easier and safer for seniors who want to live independently at home.

We help seniors organize:

  • Disorganized closets
  • Kitchen cabinet messes
  • Refrigerator disorder
  • Unreachable items on top shelves
  • Difficult-to-reach storage
  • Home office clutter and disorganized files
  • A bathroom vanity or cabinets
  • Dangerously stacked bookshelves
  • Fall risks in hallways or on the stairs
  • Stacked mail and papers

Cleaning Services

As seniors age, it becomes more difficult to maintain the home they live in. Physical and medical limitations often won’t allow them to perform the level of housekeeping they once could.

This can lead to health and safety issues, not to mention that many feel frustrated and depressed watching their home slide downhill.

We help seniors with:

  • Deep cleaning
  • Cleaning counter tops, stoves, and ovens
  • Cleaning bathrooms
  • Mopping floors
  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting



Downsizing is an emotional, stressful and painful process for many seniors. This is especially true if they have physical limitations, medical issues or simply don’t have anyone to help them.

Once you have located your new home, our professional staff has years of experience helping people just like you to sort through your treasured possessions. Our process includes:

  1. We assess the situation first – We determine how many rooms you need help with, what you plan for distribution is (sell, donate, and/or dispose), as well as the equipment, supplies and staff needed.
  2. We form a strategy – We plan how the project will be approached, when the work will be done and who will do it.
  3. We arrange for equipment and supplies – Trucks, dumpsters, containers, boxes and other supplies will be arranged.
  4. We implement the strategy – We get the work done.
  5. We provide resources for estate sales – We provide resources for this assistance if needed.

Once we are done, you will be ready for your mover to come an move you to your new place.

Company Insured

We carry all of the appropriate business insurances. This gives us the incentive to make sure we get your job done right.

Since we also help you coordinate any repair work that needs to be done, we always make sure that any specialty contractors (electricians, plumbers, etc.) we bring in have the appropriate insurances as well.

This provides you with:

  • Job Done Right – We are motivated to get your job done right the first time with no damage.
  • Qualified Professionals – Our staff and contract partners are trained and qualified.
  • Peace of Mind – You can count on us to be there for you when you need your job done right.


Family-Owned Business

Because we are a family-owned business, our family members form a grounded and loyal foundation for our company. The result is that we are all dedicated to our common goal of providing you with the best service possible.

This means the following advantages for you:

  • Company Stability – We will continue to be here when you need us.
  • Familiar Contacts – You will enjoy the familiarity of having the same people serving you.
  • Accountability – We are accountable to you, your project and our family.
  • Flexibility – We all wear multiple hats and are flexible in getting your job done right and on time.
  • Trust – You can trust that our business is based on family values.
  • Understanding – We have the experience of how family dynamics work and apply those to your needs.

Who you choose to help you with your senior downsizing or senior cleaning service is very important.

Seniors need to feel safe and secure that they can trust the people they let into their home. After all, their prized possessions are at stake.

Working with the professionals at Hands On Services provides you with the following benefits:

  • Experience – We have years of experience organizing, sorting and cleaning senior homes.
  • Company Insured – We carry all of the appropriate insurances to give you  the peace of mind that we will do your job the right.
  • Family-Owned – We are committed and dedicated to our common goal of providing you with the best service possible.


Renee got back to me quickly with an estimate and to look at exactly what needed to be done. They did a good job of not only removing the furniture but moving another piece for me. The price was very reasonable and I WILL use them again.

Thumbtack Customer

Here is what I had Hands On Services assist me with: Cleaning up and throwing away junk in the garage of my brother (who passed away unexpected). Moving furniture from a house in the inland LA county area to San Diego. Removing miscellaneous items, old furniture, clothing items completely away from a three bedroom house, transporting such items to charity organizations. Moving a washer from one house to another and installing the washer. I found Hands On Services thru Thumbtack, when I was faced with the daunting task of cleaning up my brother's house after he passed away unexpectedly. I was SO glad I decided to work with the sibling team of Hands On Services. Renee, Bobbie and Richard were all very friendly, helpful and reliable. They were always punctual, courteous , and very helpful with all of the above tasks I assigned them with. I also appreciated them being so courteous and friendly to my elderly parents. And just as importantly as their great service, the price was also right. They provided us with all of the above tasks at a very reasonable task. I would recommend Hands On Services for cleaning projects around your house with no reservation.

Ronald K.

My mother is older and we needed to start moving her out of her home and into a convalescent home. I called HandsOn to come and help us and they went above and beyond. If you are looking for someone to come clean your home, then this is the company to choose.

Serena K.

They nailed it. Showed up on time and gave us a very fair price. Cleaning job was excellent. Would definitely hire again.


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